CF Seniors Egg Hunt & Ice Cream Social

May Event

Friday, May 13th

11:00 a.m.

The next CF Senior fellowship lunch will be Friday, May 13th at 11:00 am and will be at Centennial Park, pavilion picnic area #2. This will be a CF Senior Easter Egg hunt and Ice Cream Social. We will have our very own Ice Cream truck for the day! We will provide shredded BBQ sandwiches if you will provide the sides. This is a RAIN or SHINE event. If it rains, we will move the event to the CF Terrace.

Information for Ice Cream (If you would like to purchase):

Small Cups or Regular Cones: $3.00

Medium Cups or Waffles Cones: $5.00

*They do offer sugar free but only a couple of flavors.

*Susan Shafer: Chips

*Bobbi Baker: Shrimp

*Erin Shultz: Potato Salad

*Sarah Hinsley: Chips & Brownies

*Meredith Gaffney: Coleslaw

*Alan & Jackie Baker: Pasta Salad

*Bruce and Michele Frederick: Deviled Eggs & Fresh Veggies

*July Peck: Fresh Fruit

*Barbara Burris: Slaw

*Randy & Nancy Gable: Pasta Salad

*Terry & Lorrie Walsh: Chips & Salsa

*Fred & Linda Kawicki: Cucumber Salad

*Barbara Davis: Salad

*Wirt & Torpy Skinner: Gluten Free Dessert & String Cheese

*Phil & Debi Ciancio: Gluten Free Buns (for BBQ) & Mixed Beans Cold Salad

*Brenda Boggs: Baked Beans